What you require to know about All on four dental implants?

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What you require to know about All on four dental implants?

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When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants are one of the best options. For most people, they prefer a permanent tooth replacement solution and not one that would need frequent repair and adjustments. In such a case, tooth implants can be very ideal. Dental implants come in various different categories. While most people are conscious of the usual single tooth implant, there are other fused dental implants that are designed to fill an entire dental structure.

All on four west Hollywood are advanced dental implants that are designed to cater for not just one tooth replacement but an entire set. You can visit Smile Dzine dental clinic for some of the best dental implant surgery.


Can anyone get all on four implants

Unlike their traditional counterparts, all on four dental implants do not have various qualifications for getting the surgery. In cases where bone graft surgery would be necessary, all on four west Hollywood eliminate that and provide straightforward dental treatment. Since the dental implants will be supported by different areas of the jawbone, they do not need a bone graft since the dentist will focus on the strong spots of the dental structure. Children, however, are disallowed from getting any type of dental implants.

This is mainly because the implants may hinder the growth of teeth. Get your all on four dental implants today at Smile Dzine dental clinic and enjoy a new set of teeth.

Procedure for fitting all on four implants

Before getting these all on four west Hollywood fitted, you must first get a dental consultation session. During the session, the dentist will prepare your own customized set of all on four implants based on the structure of your teeth. Once the set is developed, the dentist will schedule a date for the actual procedure.

The fitting procedure

During placing the implants, the dentist must first induce some general anesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. It is best to be unconscious during the procedure since surgical procedures can be quite uncomfortable. Once the sedative kicks in, the dentist starts by drilling four holes on the dental jawbone at equal intervals.

These holes will be the support for the dental implants placed. The holes will determine the extent of the dental implants across the upper or lower jaw. Once the support has been placed, the dentist then screws on the porcelain dental crowns that will now act as the chewing part of the tooth. Once done, the dentist will ensure that the structure is symmetrical and if so wait for the sedation to finish in the system.

What to expect after the procedure

After waking up, you may feel some soreness in the area of the implant. The dentist will advise you against eating slid foods immediately so as to avoid damage to the healing gums and jawbone. Over time, the area should be left to heal with as little disturbance as possible. Regular visits to the dentist at this time will be essential in checking on the functionality of the dental implants.