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Cosmetic Dentist West Hollywood

Cosmetic dentists undertake common dental procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dental treatment that is aimed at improving the facial and oral structural appearance. Dental cosmetics comprise various dental procedures some of which require only necessary dentists to address. However, a large number of dental cosmetic practices are best attended to by a cosmetic dentist. Today, many people are seeking the services of a cosmetic dentist West Hollywood for different cosmetic procedures. Since cosmetic dentistry may be slightly more expensive than usual dental procedures, you should confirm with your health insurance company whether they cover dental cosmetic treatment to have a stress-free treatment. For the best cosmetic dental services within the city, you can contact Smile Dzine. They have skilled oral surgeons who are great at cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic dental procedures:

Cosmetic dentistry is performed on various parts of the face including the teeth, jaw and generally the smile. For most procedures, the cosmetic dentist West Hollywood does not usually perform invasive procedures. Below are some of the most general, cosmetic dental procedures done in cosmetic dentistry today.

Composite bonding

This form of tooth rejuvenation acts both as a cosmetic procedure and a treatment method. It involves covering decayed teeth with a special dental paste. This paste is hardened thus concealing the hole created by decay on the tooth enamel. Composite bonding usually restores the tooth’s original functioning by reducing the damage caused by decay and cavities. Depending on the patient’s specifications, the cosmetic dentist can decide to use different methods of bonding. One of the contemporary forms of bonding is porcelain bonding. Porcelain usually covers the cap of the tooth very nicely giving the impression of a natural tooth. This is because the shade of porcelain is pearl white making it an ideal replacement for tooth crowns. You can consult Smile Dzine to know more about how you can get bonding for decayed teeth.


Veneers are a ceramic or porcelain custom-made dental pieces that are used to conceal yellow or stained teeth. A veneer is usually placed on the surface of the tooth to improve the appearance of the teeth while also covering any teeth that are discolored and affecting one’s general image. In veneer placement, the cosmetic dentist first removes some of the enamel on the front of the tooth; just enough amount to equate the size of the veneer. The veneer is then placed then stuck permanently on the tooth. Veneers are a cosmetic treatment that is best placed by a cosmetic dentist West Hollywood.

Teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentists usually perform teeth whitening on a day to day basis. Depending on the patient’s expectations, the cosmetic dentist can choose from a wide array of methods which teeth whitening option to use. For some options, it may take more than two months for the change to be seen while for others, a single trip to the dentist can change the teeth immensely. Also, the cosmetic dentist can decide to use laser whitening technology which is quite efficient as compared to other methods of whitening. Contact Smile Dzine today to know more about teeth whitening around your area.