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Laser Dentistry West Hollywood

Common treatments in laser dentistry

Today, there is much progression in the field of medicine in general. Laser technology is being widely used in the treatment of dental issues in many places across the globe.

At Smile Dzine, we offer laser dentistry services for treating a variety of dental conditions in a faster and more convenient way. Although a large number of people are unaware of laser treatment in dentistry, it is much convenient for dental treatment and recommended by the American Dental Association. Laser dentistry West Hollywood is also applied to pediatric dental treatment.

In most cases, our dental specialists use laser treatment for gum related issues. However, laser treatment can be applied to various treatments. Below are some of the common dental issues that can be addressed by laser dentistry.

Dental complications treated with laser dentistry

Laser dentistry can be applied in both general treatment and cosmetic dentistry.

Depending on your dental issue and expected outcome of treatment, our dentists can provide effective laser treatment.

Gum-related treatment

Laser dentistry West Hollywood’s most effective in treating gum infections and other gum issues. For instance, laser treatment can be used to reduce gum inflammation. Gum inflammation is usually caused by an infection of the gums leading to accumulation of bacteria and abscess. Laser equipment can be used to rid of the inflammation and restore the condition of the gum.

Laser treatment can also be applied in gum reshaping. For people with plenty of gum growing at the base of the teeth, laser treatment is very convenient. Our dentists apply laser therapy in reducing a gummy smile and giving you a good-looking smile.


At Smile Dzine, we provide laser treatment for removing tumors, cysts and mouth and throat tissue that may be affecting dental health negatively.

In place of oral surgery, our dental specialists can use laser dentistry West Hollywood to remove malignant tissues from the mouth and throat in a faster and more efficient way.

Although it is unusual for an individual to have throat or mouth tumors, it is a serious condition that should not be neglected. Consult our dental offices today if you feel that you have a malignant growth in your mouth or throat.

We also use laser therapy for removing part of the throat muscle for people with sleep apnea. By removing this piece of muscle, the sleep apnea is corrected since there won’t be any obstruction of the airway.

Exposing wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth usually grow at the back of the dental structure and sometimes they may grow partially out of the gum making them impacted. These impacted teeth are not usually useful because the tooth is not fully grown.

At Smile Dzine dental clinic, we offer laser treatment for exposing wisdom teeth and making them functional. By reducing the amount of gum surrounding the wisdom tooth, the tooth becomes more functional. If the tooth is decayed or aching persistently, laser therapy can be used to remove the surrounding gum in order to remove the tooth easily. Visit our dental office today for the best laser dentistry West Hollywood.