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Gummy smile West Hollywood

Gummy smile Treatment

Dental gum conditions can affect the way you smile and the way you talk. For some people, having a gummy smile makes them uncomfortable since they think their smile is not very attractive.

Nonetheless, a gummy smile can be easily treated through dental surgery or other alternatives. A gummy smile, also known as a gingival display, is a situation where a large part of the gum is exposed beneath the teeth.

Gummy smile West Hollywood is a common dental condition that affects a large number of individuals including children. At Smile Dzine, we offer various dental treatments for a gummy smile each depending on the extent of the gingival display. A gummy smile can be caused by a multiplicity of factors some of which are naturally present.

Causes of a gummy smile

A gummy smile West Hollywood can be caused by an over-flexible upper lip. As you smile, the upper lip tends to move upwards revealing the teeth. However, if the upper lip opens higher than usual, a large part of the gum becomes exposed when smiling making you have a gummy smile.

We also encounter gummy smiles caused by varied growth of the jaw and the dental structure. If the jaw protrudes forward as the child grows, it may cause the formation of a gummy smile. This condition can be easily visible from the face.

For such conditions, we usually use orthodontic treatment to correct the positioning of the jaws and make them even and aligned. A gummy smile can also be caused by rapid growth of teeth. If the teeth grow very fast at a young age, the gum also follows suit and undergoes a similar growth making the gum more than necessary. In such a case, surgical expertise is needed to correct this issue.

Gummy smile treatment

We offer various methods for treating gummy smiles at Smile Dzine. One of the significant forms of treatment is laser therapy.

Laser treatment

The use of laser treatment in dentistry has grown dramatically in recent years. Laser technology is used mainly in treating gum conditions as opposed to other dental issues. During treatment, our dentist sits you on the dental chair and puts the laser machine directly in front of your teeth.

This procedure requires local anesthesia to reduce pain. The dentist then uses moderate laser light to remove some of the gum under the teeth until the area is evened out. Laser treatment usually takes a single day and does not have any detrimental after effects.

Orthodontic services

A gummy smile WestHollywood can be treated through orthodontic treatment if the cause of the gummy smile is bone-related. At Smile Dzine, our orthodontist performs surgical procedures to correct the position of the jaw to reduce the amount of gum exposed. Alternatively, the orthodontist can recommend dental appliances like a headgear to help guide the growth of the jaw for children.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery is the most common dental treatment for gingival display that we offer. This procedure requires merely for the oral surgeon to cut out some of the gum forming the gummy smile to make it even with the lower set.