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Periodontal Dentistry West Hollywood

Common dental services offered in periodontal dentistry

Periodontal dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals mainly with conditions affecting the gum and surrounding tissues. Before any dentist can perform periodontal dentistry West Hollywood, they must have undergone specialized training for treating gum related conditions. At Smile Dzine, we ensure that every one of our periodontist professionals has undergone three extra years in periodontal learning and training before they can practice their craft on the general public.

You can get various benefits when working with a periodontist including dental services that require dental surgery.

We offer periodontal services for both dental treatment and cosmetic treatment. Most of the time, however, periodontal treatment is usually directed toward dental prevention practices. Below are a variety of dental treatments that you can get from our periodontists.

Gum graft surgery

A gum graft surgery refers to a dental procedure that replaces some gum tissue from one area to another. Gum graft surgery is usually widespread in periodontal dentistry West Hollywood. In most cases, we apply gum graft surgery in the treatment of receded gums.

During the procedure, the dentist will remove some bits of gum from the inside tissues of the mouth then place them on the base of the tooth. This procedure doesn’t take a lot of time and may be over in a single session. For the best gum graft services throughout the city, you can rely on us.

Dental implant surgery

Our periodontists are well skilled in surgical procedures that are applied in dental treatment. Dental implant surgery is one of the few cosmetic procedures that our periodontists perform.

Since periodontal dentistry West Hollywood is all about gum treatment and repair, dental implant fitting is mostly related to the state of the gum and how well the implant adheres to the gum and jawbone. If you intend on getting a dental implant, you can rely on our team of professionals at Smile Dzine for the best dental treatment.

Laser treatment

Our periodontic specialists also perform laser treatment in the event of certain conditions like gingival display. The gingival display also known as a gummy smile refers to a situation where a large part of the gum is exposed making your smile look very gummy. In periodontal dentistry West Hollywood, laser treatment is a very convenient and fast treatment process which has exquisite results.

You can check for before and after pictures for laser treatment to determine how well the procedure may suit you. Alternatively, our dental experts can help you in determining the benefits of laser treatment and how well this treatment method can suit you.

Crown lengthening

Periodontists also perform crown lengthening as a cosmetic procedure. Crown lengthening is aimed at making your smile more attractive by increasing the length of the crown on the front teeth. To do this, our periodontist will have to remove some of the gum from the bottom of the tooth to reveal more of the tooth making it appear longer. This procedure is not usually long and can take a single session depending on the number of teeth that you want to be lengthened.