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Dental Extraction West Hollywood

Dental extraction is a standard dental treatment for various dental issues. We usually recommend dental extraction in treatment because it helps rid of the dental issue completely. If other forms of protecting or treating the tooth are not suitable, dental extraction West Hollywood is then selected. Most of the time, dental extraction is carried out by an ordinary dentist especially when it does not involve any surgical procedure. However, many incidences necessitate the use of surgical extraction since the tooth may be unable to remove openly. At Smile Dzine, we offer quality dental extraction services for both children and adults.

Different types of dental extraction

Dental tooth extraction can be performed in two different ways. Depending on the location and state of the tooth, different methods of dental extraction are used. The first and most common type of dental extractions West Hollywood is simple extraction. General dentists can perform simple dental extractions efficiently because it doesn’t require any special equipment or prior training.

A simple extraction is usually undertaken if the tooth being extracted can be seen from the base upwards. If the tooth is not entirely visible, then surgical extraction is recommended. Surgical extraction is a kind of tooth extraction that requires particular surgical expertise. Impacted teeth and wisdom teeth are usually extracted through surgical extraction since the tooth is not entirely visible.

The dentist may have to remove some of the gum and the jawbone to access the whole tooth.

When is dental extraction necessary?

We usually recommend Dental extractions West Hollywood in situations where the tooth can no longer be treated and is not functional. For instance, if the tooth has extensive decay which may spread to other teeth, the dentist may opt to remove the tooth entirely to rid of the decay. Tooth infection is also a regular dental issue that is treated through dental extraction.

Some infections may go deep into the tooth affecting the nerve inside the enamel causing tooth sensitivity. The infection can proceed to affect the root canal causing the formation of bacteria and abscess that causes a lot of pain on the tooth. Dental extraction is also necessary for removing impacted teeth that are painful or uncomfortable.

Maintenance and care after dental extraction

A dental extraction may leave you feeling sore and irritable. After the anesthesia finishes in your body, you may feel some slight discomfort or pain which should not last long. However, if the pain becomes unbearable, contact our emergency dentist at Smile Dzine to get pain relief after dental extraction. We recommend brushing and flossing gently to avoid grazing the site of extraction.

Vigorous brushing can dislodge the blood clot and cause bleeding. If you discover that the wound is bleeding, visit a dentist as soon as possible. You should also avoid hard foods that may injure the sight of extraction causing bleeding or pain. Our dentist will provide oral practices that will facilitate better healing of the site of extraction.