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General Dentistry West Hollywood

Services offered in general dentistry

Oral health is an excellent determinant of general health. Some dental conditions may affect your general health making you unable to undertake some regular tasks. We have heard many cases of individuals being unable to work, sleep, eat and even talk freely because of a constant toothache. Visiting a general dentist once in a while will help you maintain your dental health and also prevent any potential dental complications that may be latently present. General dentistry West Hollywood is widely spread across the city with various dental clinics offering the service.

However, you should always go for the best dental clinic that provides you with the services that you require. At Smile Dzine, we avail various dental treatments that are sure to meet your dental needs. Below are some of the shared services we offer to our dental patients.

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is a form of dentistry that is aimed at avoiding dental complications from developing further. Here, our dental specialists perform a thorough analysis of your dental structure to determine any dental issues you may be having.

If any, the dentist will provide relevant treatments for the condition to prevent the spread or growth of the dental problem. If the dentist does not find any issue, they can advise on the best oral practices to prevent any dental complications and issues.

Dental consultation

At Smile Dzine, we offer dental consultation for all sorts of dental issues. Whether they are bone-related issues or dental infections, our dental specialists will perform checks and give a diagnosis of your dental condition.

After diagnosing the condition, the dentist will then provide appropriate medication for the ailment or refer you to another dental specialist for treatment. When you visit our dental clinic, you can get both dental consultation and dental treatment on the same day making your treatment experience much much better.

Tooth extraction

In general dentistry West Hollywood, tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures. Tooth extractions are usually recommended to stop the spread of tooth decay while also eliminating the threat.

Tooth extraction can also be efficient in correcting crowded teeth caused by the growth of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth may sometimes take up a lot of space as they grow to cause the other teeth to be squeezed and misplaced. For that reason, the wisdom tooth will have to be removed for the teeth to be realigned to their previous position.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are very convenient in concealing broken, cracked or chipped teeth. Depending on the filling used, the dentist can provide permanent protection for your tooth against decay and also cavities. Dental fillings are commonly used in cosmetic dentistry because they cover the tooth and restore the functionality of the tooth.

Dental fillings are used regularly in general dentistry West Hollywood since they are easy to fit and do not require many sessions to complete. What’s more, the dental filling can last up to ten years if the wearer takes good care for them.