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Dentures West Hollywood

What you need to know about dentures

Dentures are temporary teeth replacements that are mostly used for replacing some teeth. As compared to other forms of tooth replacement, dentures are very easy to fit and can be removed anytime if the wearer feels the need. With advancing technology in dentistry, dentures have become better and more comfortable making them more convenient than other methods of tooth replacement.

People with edentulism or who have lost all their teeth usually are the usual candidates for dentures in most cases. You may also find people who are not viable for dental implants going for dentures West Hollywood mostly because dentures do not need any qualifications for treatment. For the best dentures treatment across the city, you can rely on Smile Dzine. They have plenty of dentists who are skilled in various tooth replacement procedures.

How do dentures work?

Dentures are temporary meaning they can be removed at any time of the day by the wearer. They consist of a tough acrylic substance that covers the entire gum. On top of it are the dental crowns that act as the teeth. Before the dentures are placed, the teeth being replaced have to be removed so that the denture can cover the gum fully. The denture is held in place by a horseshoe-like frame at the bottom and another frame against the roof of the mouth.

These frames alongside the base of the denture help to keep it in place during talking and other jaw movements. Dentures West Hollywood can either be placed fully or partially. Depending on the teeth being replaced, the dentist decides which type of dentures to use.

Are dentures uncomfortable to wear?

Dentures tend to be uncomfortable during the first days of wearing and at most a month. However, after wearing them for most hours of the day, you begin getting used to them and don’t even find them a bother anymore.

Over time, the cheek muscles and tongue learn how to maintain the denture position in the mouth without shifting or dislodging it. You may experience irritation and soreness in the first few days which is quite common. You should consult your dentist to know what to do to relieve pain and uneasiness felt. Generally, it may take some time to get used to using dentures, but once you are used, it does not become a problem anymore.

Care and maintenance of dentures

Dentures West Hollywood are very fragile and can easily break if mishandled. When cleaning them, always make sure that you do so over a soft surface so that if they fall they won’t break. Dentures can become dry when not used for long. Using them when dry can be disturbing and uncomfortable. You should always ensure that your dentures are soaked in a cleansing solution or cold water at all times.

Regular oral hygiene has to be maintained by brushing the dentures every single day. This will help remove deposited particles while also preventing staining of the dentures. If the dentures become damaged, make sure you visit the dentist for repair. Trying to fix them on your own can make them worse or injure you when you put them on.