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Emergency Dentist West Hollywood

Relief for dental emergencies

Dental health services are critical in the day to day life. You may find that a dental issue or complication is affecting other parts of one’s life thus needing immediate attention. For instance, an aching jaw can make it hard to chew, talk or even yawn without feeling pain. Such dental issues require immediate attention to prevent further complications from developing. Generally, dental complications should be attended to as soon as the injury occurs or the pain starts hence the need for an emergency dentist in West Hollywood. Emergency dental services are critical in pain relief and also reducing trauma effect after dental injury.

Mostly, children are the best candidates for emergency dentistry since they play a lot and are more prone to dental injury. For the best dental emergency services in the city, you can contact Smile Dzine. You can request for a personal emergency dentist who can attend to your immediate dental needs.

What to do before getting dental emergency treatment

Emergencies are usually very critical, and sometimes you may have to deal with bleeding which needs to be controlled. During an accident, it is best to have a medical professional by your side to assist with pain relief and reduction of trauma and injury to the victim. Sometimes, you may not be close to a medical professional, and you will have to know what to do before getting emergency aid for a dental injury. Below are a few dental first aid tips that are important in attending to incidences of dental pain or accident.

Knocked out teeth

Some risky activities or sports may lead to knocking out of teeth from their dental structure. This can be very painful and sometimes can cause a lot of bleeding. For children, such incidences are quite common when playing high-intensity games. Dentists recommend that you should first control bleeding by putting a gauze or clean cloth on the affected area. You can also gush some warm water into the mouth to remove blood and make the area clear. If you can find the tooth, wrap it and take it with you as you go to the dentist. Place a cold cloth over the cheek or lips to reduce pain on the area. After performing this first aid, immediately visit an emergency dentist West Hollywood for them to attend to your injury.

Broken Jaw

For a broken jaw, treatment can only be done by an emergency dentist in West Hollywood. However, to relieve pain, you can put a damp cloth on the area that is paining to counter the heat produced by the pain. After this, visit an emergency dentist immediately to get treatment for your jaw.

Broken tooth

Broken teeth are usually as a result of injury during work or play. Dentists recommend that in the event of a broken tooth, you should rinse your mouth with warm water and ensure that no debris is inside the mouth that can be swallowed. Find the broken piece and take it with you to the dentist. The dentist may be able to fuse the tooth with the broken piece using special dental adhesive.