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Teeth in one Day West Hollywood

Teeth in one day is a new type of dental treatment that involves getting a set of teeth fixed within just one day. Instead of visiting the dentist multiple times for your dental treatment to be fully attended to, you can now have a permanent tooth replacement procedure within one dental session. There are a variety of tooth replacement options today in the market. However, some people do not qualify for these alternative tooth replacement methods due to the state of their dental health. Teeth in one day West Hollywood allows for any person in need of tooth replacement to get a suitable set of replacement teeth without worrying about the viability for the procedure. This procedure has only minimal requirements for treatment and can be done for the aging population as well as young adults who are in need of tooth replacement.

Can anyone get teeth in a day?

Teeth in a day West Hollywood is designed to replace some teeth and not merely one or two teeth. If however, you request teeth in a day for replacing a small number of teeth, the dentist may recommend that you remove some of the natural teeth for the dental implants to cover a whole section of your dental structure. The most likely patients for teeth in a day are old people whose teeth are worn out and sometimes missing. People with complete edentulism (losing all the teeth) are very viable for teeth in a day regardless of the state of their jawbone and gums. People with partial tooth loss are also viable candidates for teeth in a day since this procedure replaces a whole set of teeth. Teeth in a day do not require the patient to have a healthy jaw bone since the implants are placed in equal intervals at points where the dental structure is most active. You can consult Smile Dzine dental office to know your viability of teeth in day treatment.

Teeth in a day treatment procedure

Before the dentist can start treatment, there is an initial consultation where the patient explains to the dentist their expectations of treatment. After this, the dentist takes a 3D CAT scan of the teeth to determine the treatment plan. Using virtual planning software the dentist designs the dental implants and generates blueprints for implant design. Within a few hours, the design is ready and the teeth in a day implant is created. The surgical procedure is done to secure the slot for the implant and the implants fitted within the same day. By the end of the day, you will have your dental implants ready and set.

Advantages of teeth in a day

The teeth in a day West Hollywood procedure is inexpensive when compared to getting single dental implants. Since the dental implants are fitted once, the price is much lower. Teeth in a day also eliminate the need to wait long hours for your teeth to heal to get dental crowns fixed. It saves a lot of time as compared to other tooth replacement options.