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Dental Fillings West Hollywood

Dental fillings are a dental procedure mostly used in restoring the functionality of a tooth by reinforcing the enamel. Most of the time, dental fillings West Hollywood are applied in cosmetic dentistry when the dentist undertakes tooth enhancement. Dental fillings are very simple to fit and may take a single dental session depending on the number of teeth that are being filled.

At Smile Dzine, we offer top-notch dental filling services with a wide variety of dental fillings to choose from. During the procedure, the dentist will first clear out the tooth of any cavities or debris, clean up the tooth and then apply the dental filling.

Dental fillings will help protect your teeth from further damage while also giving you a fully functional tooth.

Types of dental fillings

At Smile Dzine, we provide our dental patients with a wide variety of dental fillings. Depending on your preference and allocated insurance cover, our dentists will work with you to determine the best kind of dental fillings for your dental issue.

You should inform the dentist if you have any allergies before undergoing treatment to help better them decide on a suitable dental filling. Below are some of the most common types of dental fillings west Hollywood that we offer at Smile Dzine.

Gold Fillings

For people who prefer a dental filling that stands out and is flashy, you can go for gold fillings. These fillings are usually very durable and can last a lifetime without repair. Gold fillings are moderately expensive since they are only a small bit of gold placed on the tooth to prevent cavities from forming.

Our dental specialists use excellent quality gold fillings that are easy on the gum and do not cause any sensitivity or pain to the tooth. Also, you won’t have to worry about a metallic taste when you have gold fillings on. Gold fillings are best used to cover the back teeth since the gold usually stands out against white teeth.

Plastic fillings

Plastic fillings also known as composite fillings are designed and modeled in a dental lab then produced for treatment. At Smile Dzine, we provide composite fillings that last up to ten years without needing repair. The composite material is usually applied onto the tooth after being mixed thoroughly. The paste is then left to harden concealing the tooth altogether.

Composite fillings may be less durable as compared to other dental fillings due to their quality. Nonetheless, they are a suitable dental solution for people with allergies to metallic components.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings are the best type of dental fillings. They are slightly less expensive than gold fillings and provide the convenience and durability of a metallic filling. A porcelain filling is usually constructed in a dental lab where the dentist designs and inlay or onlay depending on the dental issue that you have. With the reduced use of amalgam fillings due to the toxicity of the silver, porcelain fillings are the next best set of dental protection. Visit our dental office today to get the best form of dental fillings for your dental issue.