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Dental Bondings West Hollywood

All you need to know about Dental bondings

Bonding is a commonly applied procedure in dental treatment. The process itself involves the application of composite material on top of the tooth to restore tooth functionality.

Dental bondings West Hollywood can as well be used in cosmetic dental procedures to improve the look of the teeth. The composite material used in bonding is usually a similar shade to ordinary teeth making them blend easily with other teeth.

At Smile Dzine dental clinic, you can get top-notch dental bonding services that are tuned to your specific dental issue. Visit them today and enjoy fast and effective dental bonding for either dental treatment or tooth restoration.

When is it necessary to get dental bondings?

Your teeth are very fragile if left unattended to. Tooth decay, cavities, and other infections can easily affect and destroy your tooth making it much less functional than it used to be. If your teeth are extremely decayed, dental bondings West Hollywood can be quite ideal in restoring their strength and usability in daily tooth functions.

Dental bondings West Hollywood can also be used to replace missing teeth. Although this procedure is usually recommended for replacing hind teeth, it is quite convenient in restoring tooth function and providing a stronger and reliable set of teeth. Dental bondings can also be applied in restoring the shape of a chipped or broken tooth. Once a tooth is broken, the dentist molds a small portion of the composite material and places it on the tooth to complete it.

Getting dental bondings

The first step in getting dental bondings West Hollywood is preparation. During this stage, the dentist may provide some local anesthesia especially if the bonding is being done on a decayed tooth.

The dentist will then etch and abrade the surface of the tooth in order to ease the bonding process on the tooth enamel. After that, the bonding will be ready for placement.

How it is done?

Before creating the composite material, the dentist will first select a suitable shade with regards to the shade of your teeth. Once selected, the dentist will use a special adhesive solution and apply it on your teeth to improve adhesion to the composite bonding. After that, the dentist will apply the composite resin and shape it such that it looks just like an ordinary tooth.

Once molded, the dentist will harden the composite using a strong light so that it sticks faster to the tooth enamel. After the composite material hardens, the dentist shapes the dental bondings West Hollywood so that they look like the adjacent teeth. Generally, this procedure takes between half an hour and a full hour. However, if you have more than one tooth being repaired, you may have to plan other trips to the dentist to get them all repaired.

Preserving your dental bondings

Keeping your dental bondings white is key to maintain their appearance.. you should try to avoid staining components like coffee and cola in order to preserve the bondings. Regular oral hygiene is also recommended to stop the bondings from being affected by tooth infections. Visit Smile Dzine dental clinic today and enjoy top-notch dental bonding services.