How do you fix TMJ?

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How do you fix TMJ?

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If you are a victim of TMJ, you can relieve your pain in several ways. You would be able to effectively apply the correct treatments depending on your oral health history. As such, you must consult with a Smile Dzine health physician before taking it upon yourself to self-prescribe your medication.

The treatment procedures for TMJ vary. In some cases, home treatment can be employed while other moderate to severe complications may require traditional or controversial therapies. Any of these treatments would be useful depending on the severity of your situation. Detailed information about TMJ treatments are discussed below:

Home treatments for TMJ

There are simple things you can do at home to relieve TMJ symptoms. A TMJ treatment West Hollywood physician may advise you to:

  • Avoid extreme jaw movements such as yawning and chewing that would make you open your mouth wide open.
  • Eat soft foods to avoid straining the jaws while chewing
  • Keep your jaws slightly apart to prevent grinding and clenching teeth.
  • Engage in relaxation techniques to help loosen your jaws
  • Use moist heat or cold packs on the side of your face a few times each day to relax nerves and blood vessels around the jaws.

Traditional treatments for TMJ

These treatments have been tried and tested to treat Temporomandibular Joint disorders. They include:

Dental procedures

TMJ causes one to have biting problems due to an imbalance on the biting surfaces of teeth. The wearing off of teeth crowns and bridges mainly comes about as a result of grinding and clenching teeth. As such, a dentist can replace missing teeth and prescribe braces for you to fix the foundation of your bite.


You may be provided with plastic mouthpieces to fit over your lower and upper teeth to prevent them from touching. Nightguards position your mouth in such a way that you won’t grind or clench your teeth, especially in the night. You would also have a splint to use during the day for the same cause.

Medical prescriptions

For a case where the pain is unbearable, a Smile Dzine dentist would prescribe NSAIDs doses to relieve it. Stress may also tag along when you have a TMJ disorder. The anti-anxiety medication would alleviate your stress ideally and at the same time, control your pain.

Controversial treatments for TMJ

Controversial therapies for TMJ only apply in severe cases. If the other treatments do not seem to help, your doctor may suggest:


Surgery is an option if the other treatment remedies don’t work out. For you to get to this point, it means your problem is on another elevated scope. It fixes a series of mouth problems including:

-Locked jaws

-Dislodged disc jaws

-Damaged or inflamed tissues

-Weary bony structures in the jaw joint

-Tumors in or around the joint


For moderate TMJ disorder, treatments for TMJ are quite simple. You get to experience better results faster when you follow the treatment guidelines provided by your dentist. For severe cases, all is not lost. You should refer to a specialist to get your troubles fixed and for further care and treatment.