Are you considering Smile Dzine for a dental extraction?

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Are you considering Smile Dzine for a dental extraction?

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Well, you’ve probably had enough with overcrowded teeth, tooth infection, or trauma. Whichever the case, you’ve made the right choice. There are significant reasons why dental extractions West Hollywood are necessary, but before digging into that, know what to expect in your dental extraction procedure. Once you make your appointment, your dentist would perform any of the following dental procedures:

A surgical extraction procedure

Depending on the severity of your condition, you would require surgical extraction in a case where your tooth cannot be easily accessed. Such hindrance is common for an underdeveloped tooth or on that has broken way below the gum line.

A simple extraction procedure

Dental extractions are solutions of last resort. You would need to consult your dentist to ascertain that you need the medical procedure. Smile Dzine dentists work to ensure that the whole process is painless so you wouldn’t have to sweat yourself off, worrying about the pain. You would also have a detailed understanding of why a dental extraction procedure is necessary. Below are 5 primary reasons why dental extractions are required:

To remove overcrowded teeth

You would need a dental extraction procedure to correct the numbering and spacing of one or two teeth in your mouth. Aside from natural causes that cause overcrowding of teeth, other cosmetic procedures require dental extractions. For instance, if you are about to undergo orthodontic treatment, and there seems to be no room for your teeth to move and realign, your dentist would recommend a dental extraction procedure. It would give your teeth enough room and space to realign and straighten up.

To repair damage from an accident

No one wants to lose their teeth, say in an accident or traumatic impact to the jaw. Dental treatments come in handy to preserve your teeth and at the same time maintain that healthy smile on your face. In a case where your tooth gets damaged in a car accident, a dental extraction would be ideal for improving its appearance and preserving it for the longest time possible.

To fix an impacted tooth

It is a typical case in wisdom teeth. A tooth gets blocked from growing above an immature gum. To prevent overcrowding and infection, a dentist would extract the tooth.

To remove severely decayed teeth

When you have severe tooth decay that has eaten up your tooth to the pulp, saving the tooth would be almost impossible. Quite unfortunate, huh? However, you wouldn’t rule out the possibility of having a root canal procedure to treat the infection. For a case where tooth-decaying bacteria have invaded the pulp completely, the situation could get worse. A dental extraction would have to be performed to prevent infection from spreading.

To provide a solution to periodontal diseases

Periodontal treatments are ideal for restoring the health of tooth structures and gums. A case may happen where your tooth loosens due to periodontal disease. Extracting the loose tooth would be an ideal solution in such a situation.