Dental emergencies happen all the time, either during the day or at night.

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Dental emergencies happen all the time, either during the day or at night.

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You might even get one when you are traveling many miles away from home. From a knocked-out tooth to an agonizing toothache, you can expect to feel the worst pain. It feels like your whole face aches, including your neck.

What happens when you are home and away every time, and a dental emergency hits you unexpectedly during one of your endeavors? You would require to see a dentist in the shortest time possible, say within 30 minutes or so. Knowing how to respond effectively in such a situation would mean the difference between losing your tooth and saving it. Such emergencies may prompt you to act accordingly:

A knocked-out tooth

You never know when you’re going miss a step and trip down the stairs. What happens if you arise with a knocked-out tooth? Of course, you’ll take a few minutes to rekindle and establish if you’re dreaming then the pain sets in. Oh, it’s terrible. You would require urgent attention to reinsert your tooth and preserve it. You should call your dentist immediately to know how you should handle the knocked out to save it.

Misaligned tooth

A significant impact on your jaw can misalign your tooth and displace it from its original position. Like you do with a dislocated shoulder or joint, you can always set it back. Be sure to expect pain- a lot of it. Before calling your dentist to book for an emergency treatment, you could try using your finger and put slight pressure on it to align it. Do not force it though, as that would make things worse.

Fractured teeth

In most cases, a tooth may chip or crack without necessitating a dental emergency. However, seeing a dentist about it would ensure that the tooth doesn’t get worse. It’s good to have it smoothened out or layered with composite material to prevent further chipping or cracking when chewing.

In a case where your tooth is fractured, don’t conflict with yourself whether you need immediate attention or not. It may seem to be of little concern to you, but the tooth might be severely damaged. If the damage is severe, especially in the inside, it would be almost impossible to save your tooth.

Severe mouth infection

A dental emergency runs down to any condition in your mouth that require immediate attention. Bleeding tissues on your jaw, severe tooth pain, or a severe infection like an abscess in the mouth are dental emergencies. You would require the right action to save your tooth or alleviate your pain.

Mouth infection is not something to ignore. You may see the need and ease to self-prescribe for yourself mouthwash medication, of which it may seem okay, but it’s not. Mouth infections can be life-threatening, and a root canal procedure would help effectively to open up your tooth to fix what’s trying to kill you.


A dental emergency can happen at any time and any place. You might not always be prepared, but that should not make you panic.  Have your Smile Dzine dentist’s digits saved on your phonebook to dial and get immediate attention in case you find yourself in a dental dilemma.