What you need to know about getting teeth whitened

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What you need to know about getting teeth whitened

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Tooth whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry that involves reverting the color of the teeth to their original white shade. Various dental offices offer teeth whitening across the city making it very easy to get teeth whitening West Hollywood. However, for the best teeth whitening services, you can rely on Smile Dzine. They offer various dental cosmetic treatments including surgical-based treatments. Teeth whitening is usually recommended to people whose teeth are stained due to beverages, smoking or poor oral hygiene. For intrinsic stains that occur within the enamel of the tooth, tooth whitening may not be the best solution. You can contact your dentist to know more about your viability for teeth whitening.

The procedure involved in teeth whitening

Teeth whitening West Hollywood is becoming a widespread dental procedure across the city. More and more people are engaging in teeth whitening due to its multiple benefits. Tooth whitening is usually done progressively and does not offer a permanent solution for stained teeth. If the dental patient does not maintain oral hygiene, whitened teeth can easily become stained again within a month. During teeth whitening, three procedures need to be followed;


This procedure involves preparing the teeth for teeth whitening. Some dental conditions may interfere with teeth whitening West Hollywood thus necessitating the dentist to first treat these conditions to continue with the teeth whitening. Tooth decay and gum recession are also treated before dental teeth whitening West Hollywood. If the tooth whitening is done in a dental office, the dentist first takes a picture of your teeth to assess the progress of treatment later on. The dentist then cleans your teeth to remove any temporary stains visible like food particles. During teeth whitening, two procedures can be followed;

  1. Vital whitening

This form of teeth whitening West Hollywood is quite common and won’t take more than two hours to fully complete. The dentist applies a whitening gel which has hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the teeth then uses a special light to fasten the whitening process. Depending on the shade of the teeth, the dentist may need to do this repeatedly or offer home whitening solutions that will reduce the layer of staining on your teeth. For home whitening, the dentist will advise you on the best method as well as the frequency of undertaking the treatment. Home whitening methods come in a variety of types with some being stronger than others. Always contact a dentist before buying over-the-counter teeth whitening items.

  1. Non-vital whitening

Non-vital whitening is recommended for people whose teeth are stained by intrinsic or internal stains. Such stains may be caused by long bouts of poor oral hygiene or a genetic disposition. For these kinds of teeth, non-vital whitening is applied since it is more efficient. The dentist puts merely a whitening substance inside the enamel of the tooth and covers the tooth with a dental filling. After a few days, the temporary filling is removed to reveal a whitened tooth. This procedure can be done once depending on the shade of the teeth.