What are the advantages of all on 4?

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What are the advantages of all on 4?

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All on 4 West Hollywood

With recent advancement in technology in the dental field, dental complications have become rather simple matters as compared to the situation a few years ago. Today, people who have lost their teeth have a variety of treatment options to get them back on shape and functionality. One useful procedure is the use of dental implants in the application of replacement teeth.

The implants are inserted in the jawbone, and they provide the support for replacement teeth. This means that one can get back a full set of replacement teeth, strongly rooted and bonded in the patient’s jawbone, hence appearing and functioning just like the natural teeth. This does not mean that a dental implant will be required for each of the replacement teeth. By use of the all on 4 West Hollywood, the dentist needs only to place four implants strategically on each of the jawbones to support the full set of replacement teeth in the mouth.

What are the advantages of all on 4?

This procedure saves you money. You do not have to pay for an implant for each one of your replacement teeth or dentures which would be expensive. By needing only four dental implants on each of the jaws, the price is greatly reduced as you don’t pay for unnecessary implants. The effect is also great while compared to temporary dentures which would be left unanchored in the mouth thus shifting uncontrollably. The all on four procedure offered at Smile Dzine also takes just a single session, and this is a great plus for the patients as they can resume their normal lives soon.

The Procedure

When you visit our practice at Smile Dzine, our staff will first examine your teeth to know the exact nature of your case. After this, the dentist does some bit of planning to determine the best positioning for the implants to provide the desired support for the dentures. After the dental implants are strategically positioned, the dentures will now be fixed on the implants. On the first appointment, the dentures you’ll be fitted with are temporary as you leave your actual dentures being prepared in the lab. A second appointment will, therefore, be necessary to get your dentures fitted after they are ready.


All on 4 West Hollywood treatment cost varies from patient to patient. This is due to the different cases that each patient has. The cost is however friendly and affordable to many of our patients. The effect the dentures bring is long lasting, and few follow up procedures will be needed if any. As such, the patient is saved future visits to the dentist which translates to less money spent. Our dentists will work within your budget, and they will take you through the available procedures for you to help you choose the one you are comfortable with.

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