Various services offered in cosmetic dentistry

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Various services offered in cosmetic dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry has enhanced dramatically over the years. Owing to advancement in technology, there are better ways of performing cosmetic dental procedures which are faster and more effective.

Today, more and more people are engaging in dental cosmetics owing to the visible benefits of the service. Before visiting a cosmetic dentist West Hollywood, it is always best to know whether or not they can cater for your cosmetic needs. This is why dental consultation is important.


Cosmetic dental consultation

In cosmetic dental consultation, the dentist usually explores your expectations of the cosmetic procedure and how much you want to change the area under question. Here, the patient normally explains the whole scenario and what they desire to change to the dentist in order for the dentist to determine whether or not it will be possible.

If it is, the dentist will introduce a digital imaging screen and create a model of how you may look after the procedure. This is important in determining your exact look after the procedure.

Tooth bleaching

Tooth bleaching is a very common cosmetic dental procedure which can only be done by a cosmetic dentist west Hollywood. Teeth bleaching is aimed at making teeth lighter than their original shade. While this procedure is completely safe, it is advised that you shouldn’t get your teeth bleached many times since it may reduce the quality of your enamel.

Tooth bleaching is actually a very simple procedure which can be done in just a single dental session. For the best tooth bleaching services, you can visit Smile Dzine dental clinic. They offer various tooth bleaching options.


Veneers are small porcelain or composite dental pieces that are used in different types of dental cosmetics. Veneers are quite easy to place and do not have any recovery period once they have been placed. Most people report back to day to day activities the very next day after getting veneers fitted. Veneers are commonly used to cover discolored teeth and provide the image of white and shining teeth.

Due to their ease of fitting, most people prefer veneers as compared to other tooth whitening methods. You can visit a cosmetic dentist west Hollywood for veneer placement either on the surface of the tooth or fill spaces left by gaped teeth.


Tooth realignment

Realigning the positioning of teeth is both an orthodontic procedure and a cosmetic procedure. Misaligned teeth can affect your general smile greatly causing you to close your mouth a lot. Through jaw restructuring, a cosmetic dentist can improve the alignment of your teeth and eliminate biting problems. Depending on the reason for the problem the dentist will select the most suitable method of treatment.

In some cases, the dentist might opt to use dental appliances to improve jaw positioning. Such appliances are normally used when the individual is unable to get jaw surgery due to personal reasons. You can get top-notch tooth realignment services at Smile Dzine dental clinic. Visit them today and enjoy some of the best cosmetic services in the city.