The procedure of teeth in a one-day treatment

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The procedure of teeth in a one-day treatment

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Tooth replacement is not always a convenient procedure. This is because you may have to wait for more than four months just for your new teeth to be designed and fixed. However, owing to recent scientific discoveries in oral medicine, there is a new way of getting your teeth fixed and functional in a much shorter time. At Smile Dzine dental clinic, you can get teeth in a one-day dental procedure which leaves you with a new place of teeth in just a single dental session. They offer the best teeth in a day West Hollywood for all kinds of dental issues. Dental treatment of teeth in a day entails the following steps.

Initial consultation

During your first visit to Smile Dzine, you will get a consultation session with the dentist where the dentist finds out the problem and assesses the amount it would cost for the procedure. The dentist also checks whether you are liable for the procedure or if additional dental treatment will need to be done first. After deciding that you will go through with the dental treatment, the dentist will fill you in on all the risks that pertain to the procedure and also what you should expect during the procedure. The dentist may also create your treatment plan during this stage as he prepares you for the actual day of treatment.

Pre-procedure exam

Teeth in one day West Hollywood involves highly invasive surgical procedures. Due to this, the dentist in charge uses high processing dental equipment to get a 3D image of your dental structure. This is done to map the area of inserting the dental root of the implant in an easy and fast way. The scanning machine enables the oral surgeon performing the procedure to find the most suitable location for the surgical incision that will ensure stability and firmness of the dental implant. Smile Dzine offer some of the best dental implant surgery owing to their up-to-date machinery and well trained oral surgeons. Visit them today and get the best dental treatment within the city.

Actual procedure

After planning has been done, the oral surgeon is provided with a surgery guide that will help in the procedure to address all the relevant areas. Local anesthesia has to be given for this dental procedure. The surgeon first makes a hole in the jaw bone where the implant will be positioned. After that, an implant root is placed within the jawbone. The implant root heals slowly and is covered by either a dental bridge or a dental crown as it heals. The dental bridge or crown will help in chewing and biting without affecting the healing implant root. This means you can start using your teeth immediately after the procedure is over.

Follow up

The dentist will recommend a soft diet to avoid any discomfort during chewing. Before the implant heals fully, you may experience short bouts of pain and discomfort on the site of surgery. At this stage, it is essential to visit the dentist regularly to ensure proper functioning of the implant. Finally, after the area heals completely, you can get a permanent dental crown for your teeth in one day wet Hollywood.