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Providing the best dental services in West Hollywood

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Welcome to Smile Dzine. We are a dental practice with offices in West Hollywood dedicated to providing the best dental services in West Hollywood. Equipped with recent technology and equipment, we boast of quality procedures for our patients.

Our staff is also friendly and concerned, and they give each personalized patient care, giving them the opportunity to open about their dental concerns for quality care and treatment.

When you visit us, you will first go through an oral examination to determine the nature of your case. After examination, you will be advised on the available treatment options for you to choose from. We aspire to provide you with quality service as we put you in the hands of the best dentist West Hollywood has to offer.

We have divided our services into five major categories for clarity purposes.

Preventive Dentistry

This is the most essential part of our practice. We prefer to prevent conditions rather than treat them. That is why we advise our patients to have constant check-ups with us, so us to keep track of their oral health and stop issues before they get troublesome. We have a variety of services on offer including screenings to detect complications early enough to warrant treatment.

Our dentists also advise patients on the essentials of proper oral hygiene to maintain optimum oral health.  Besides these, you will also get sealants and mouth guards for sale at our center to help prevent issues such as teeth grinding which lead to further complications.

Restorative Dentistry

This is the second category of our services. Here we work towards reversing conditions that have already occurred to return the patient to their optimum oral health.

The treatment options we have here include but are not limited to the application of dental fillings as well as replacement crowns for lost teeth. We also do root canal treatments for patients that need the decaying process of their teeth to be stopped.

Cosmetic dentistry

Everyone wants to beautify their teeth. This is the basis of the cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer at Smile Dzine. Our dentists are dedicated to improving your dental formula by opting for artificial solutions for common dental complications.

A few of the cosmetic procedure that our dentist West Hollywood offers include, teeth whitening, bonding, and other teeth jewelry like veneers treatment.

Emergency care

These are the extreme services that require the services of a dentist immediately even without the need of an earlier appointment.

Ours is a 24-hour service so no matter the time of your emergency, you can walk into our offices and begin treatment right away.

May you need an emergency tooth extraction, or you need relief from a painful toothache, we are the place for you.

Kids Treatment

Kids/pediatric treatment are another of our specialty. We have the environment as well as the equipment to work with kids.

We have an entire department dedicated to dealing with kids so if your child needs any form of dental treatment, bring them to our clinic where they too will get to experience the best dentist West Hollywood experience.