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Laser technology in Dental practice

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Advancement in technology has revolutionized the world as we know it. Dental practice hasn’t been left behind as dental procedures today are more efficient, both for the dentist and the patient.

Laser technology, especially, has had a huge effect on dental practice. The traditional dentists that relied on metal appliances in treatment are having to switch to the more effective laser technology in treatment. Smile Dzine is proud to be one of the few practices that are equipped with this technology.

The impact that laser dentistry West Hollywood has had since we introduced it has already been noted, with better results in our procedures and more contented smiles.

No More Phobia

Fear is a major reason why most of the people fear dental procedures. The idea of injections and incisions in the mouth sounds horrid, and many people opt to suffer from their dental conditions rather than visit a dentist.

This needs not to trouble you any more. With laser dentistry West Hollywood, you are assured of precision in treatment with no irritation on surrounding matter. There is even no need for anesthesia as your procedures are now painless.

There are no unnecessary incisions in the mouth, therefore no risk of accidental slips by the surgeon irritating the gums. Visit Smile Dzine today and let our qualified dentists introduce you to the new non-invasive procedures that will solve your dental concerns without disrupting your comfort.

Gum Surgery

Gum surgery is the central part of our procedures that have been made more effective by the use of laser technology. Gum disease can have adverse effects on your oral health, and its treatment is essential for optimum oral health. Bleeding gums, as well as soreness and inflammation of the gum, may all point to an infection.

Soon the gums begin to recede, and they leave the teeth exposed to bacteria and infection. Whereas traditional methods would require the dentist to pull the gum away to remove the infection, Smile Dzine offers non-invasive procedures for the same effect. By using lasers, the infected parts can be targeted, and the bacteria have gotten rid of with no need for surgery. With the bacteria gone, the gum heals, and you are back to optimum health.

Teeth Whitening

We also apply Laser Dentistry West Hollywood in teeth whitening procedures. The latest we have is Zoom Technology which enables us to remove stains from your teeth in a single session.

You can walk into our offices, and after the procedure which lasts for about an hour walk out with a different and more appealing smile. Expect your friends and colleagues to commend your new look as you flash them your smile.

Best Experience

Laser dentistry West Hollywood has increased the quality of dentistry greatly. The results from the procedures we do with laser technology are much better than traditional methods.

Patients can appreciate getting the best results in an improved process, offering hem the best treatment experience. Contact us today and experience your dental procedures in a non-invasive way that gives the desired effect as soon as treatment is completed.