If you are in need of an emergency dentist West Hollywood experience

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If you are in need of an emergency dentist West Hollywood experience

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If you are in need of an emergency dentist West Hollywood experience, you should have Smile Dzine on your speed dial.

Our facility is open 24/7 so you can be sure to get service from us at whatever hour of need.

Dental emergencies are not rare in our world today and access to an emergency dentist is crucial for the affected patients.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is that dental condition that needs instant treatment rather than waits to see the dentist later. Such conditions range from terrible toothaches that would cause discomfort, to accidents and traumas on the teeth. However, not all dental conditions should be categorized as emergencies. Before considering seeking emergency dentist West Hollywood services, ask yourself these questions.

First, are you in severe pain? For terrible toothaches, you can get instant relief from the pain meds we have in stock. Another question should be whether you are bleeding from the mouth. Bleeding is an emergency, and instant dentist intervention is necessary.

Have you lost a tooth? That too would be considered as an emergency.

By visiting our clinic, you can get immediate tooth replacement that will restore your teeth to their usual appearance. Other conditions that should be considered as emergencies are chipped teeth due to accidents, loose teeth, as well as infections. Call us today for instant appointments to our emergency dentist.

These are not Dental Emergencies!

Some dental conditions can wait until the next couple of days, maybe for treatment. These are not dental emergencies. Other dental conditions may also be critical but still wait for the next day before seeking a dentist, provided you can take care of yourself at home. Chipped crowns, for example, may fail to be considered as emergencies unless they are painful or have left sharp fractures in the mouth that may cause trauma.

Some toothaches are also not emergencies, and they can wait for a few days if they do not cause too much discomfort. The pain can be treated by buying pain relievers. A visit to the dentist is, however, necessary as they will be able to treat the actual cause of the toothache and treat it once and for all.


Having understood what are and what aren’t dental emergencies, you are now at a position to make an informed decision that is best for you. Our doors are open on a 24-hour basis as our dentists take turns to operate at the clinic.

Therefore, whether you have a terrible toothache that needs immediate medical attention, or you have lost a tooth in a bar brawl, and you wouldn’t want to spend a day with an open socket, you can book an appointment with us. You will be sure to undergo an efficient procedure that will restore you to optimum oral health in the least possible time. Our caring staff will always be ready to attend to any dental concern that you may have.