How to improve the appearance of the smile, teeth, and mouth?

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How to improve the appearance of the smile, teeth, and mouth?

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Cosmetic Dentist West Hollywood

The Cosmetic Dentist West Hollywood can be found at Smile Dzine;

This is a professional specialist who works to improve the appearance of the smile, teeth, and mouth.

Even if the cosmetic dentistry is classified as elective and not essential, in some cases, it is used for therapeutic benefits.

The standard procedures to expect from the cosmetic dentist are simple but others are complex, and they will require specialized care.

Onlays and inlays:

They are called indirect filling, and they are made in a dental laboratory. They are used if the tooth suffered mild or moderate decay and there is still enough structure to support the filling. As far as there is no damage to the tooth cusps, the inlay will be placed on the tooth surface at once. If the cusps or enough space of the tooth had been damaged, then the onlay will be used so that it will cover the entire surface of the tooth.

The onlays and inlays are made at a dental laboratory using composite resin materials, and they are attached on the teeth using adhesive dental cement. They offer the right support needed to strengthen the teeth, to restore the shape and to avoid future deterioration and decay.

Composite bonding: the composite bonding is used to refer to the repair of the discolored, damaged and decayed teeth by the use of the materials which looks like the tooth enamel. The dentist will start by drilling out of tooth decay and then applies such composite over the surface of the tooth. He can then sculpt it in the right shape before he can cure it by the use of high-intensity light. It is also called bonding.  This helps to cover any damage over the tooth, and it will give the appearance of having a healthy tooth in the place. Bonding is not an expensive procedure, and it is available for any patient who suffers cracked, chipped and decayed teeth.

Dental veneers

They are made using the medical grade ceramic, and they will be customized to fit the natural teeth of any person. They look realistic, and they are used to treat different problems starting from damaged and cracked enamel to the noticeable gaps that are found within the teeth. The dentist will apply the veneer over the teeth by the use of the dental adhesive.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening are an essential part of Cosmetic Dentist West Hollywood.  The procedure may be done in the office of your dentist. It requires removing the debris, tartar, and plaque found over the surface of every tooth while it helps to restore the natural appearance of the tooth. The teeth may be bleached to get to the best shade of the original color.

As time passes, the teeth will be stained because of personal habits, medication, drinks, and food. The whitening procedure helps to restore the original color of the teeth.


Dental implants replace the teeth after their loss. The dentist will insert a small titanium screw in a jaw where the missing tooth was so that it can support the crown.