Have you suffered teeth loss?

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Have you suffered teeth loss?

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If you have suffered teeth loss, then the next best alternative is to have the dental implants. The dental implants will feel, look and also function as the natural teeth so that you will be confident to smile. Dental Implants West Hollywood is known to offer long term value compared to other teeth replacement alternatives. You can get it at Smile Dzine.

Why you should consider getting dental implants:

They look natural and they fit comfortably: dental implants had been designed to function, to feel and to look like the natural teeth. Besides, the implants will give the patient the right to eat and to smile or to do any other social activities without having to worry about how she looks or if the dentures can fall out or not.

Reliable and long lasting

With the right maintenance and care, the implants will last longer, compared to other conventional restorations options and it is easy to predict the outcome.


If they are well cared for and well planned, the implants will offer the best survival rate, compared to other teeth replacement. Since the implant techniques and technology had improved, their success rate had also improved. It is more successful for people who have good health.

Improved chewing

Dental implants are fixed within the jaw bone as it happens with the natural teeth. As time passes, it helps in preserving the jaw bone, and it will reduce the bone resorption. By replacing the missing teeth using implants, it helps in chewing the food better and in speaking clearly.

Improved bone and facial features:

The dental implants will preserve the natural tooth tissue since there is no need for cutting down the teeth that are nearby as it happens with the conventional bridgework. They will also help in preserving the bone. They can also help to keep the jawbone height. Dental implants will help in restoring the jawbone structure, and it helps to reduce a load over the remaining teeth or oral structure.

After having the Dental Implants West Hollywood, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better appearance: dental implant does look and feel as own tooth. Since they have been designed in the way that they can fuse with your bone, they will be permanent.
  • Better speech: when the dentures are fitted poorly, then the teeth may slip in a mouth, and it will cause to slur or to mumble the words. Dental implants will allow the person to speak without any worry that the teeth can slip away.
  • Better comfort: since the implants will be part of the teeth, they do eliminate the problems that are caused by the removable dentures.
  • Easy to eat: when the dentures slide, it will make the chewing even more difficult: The dental implants will function as the teeth, and you will not experience any pain while eating.
  • Better self-esteem: dental implant will improve with your smile and you will be feeling better.
  • Convenience: there is no need to remove dental implants so you will be ready to move around whenever you want without worrying as it happens with removal dentures.