Emergency dental services may be a hard thing to come by

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Emergency dental services may be a hard thing to come by

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However not at Smile Dzine where we are dedicated to solving your dental concerns in the least time possible to get you back on track.

Whether you have lost your tooth, or you have a terrible toothache that needs to be fixed, or injuries causing blood loss in your mouth, whatever emergency you may find yourself in, you can be sure to get quality service at our clinic.

We have the best emergency dentist West Hollywood has to offer, who will professionally look at your dental needs and solve them for you. We can process you once you visit us, and if the situation calls for it, we can immediately book you in for a procedure even without a previous booking. Emergencies, just like accidents, are unplanned for, and that is why our practice works towards getting you from such fixes.

Ours is a 24-hour practice, so you need not to worry about finding us closed which makes us your best option for emergency cases. Besides automobile accidents, who are brought in for emergency procedures, there are also several cases that need immediacy and call for an emergency dentist. A few such cases have been discussed below.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

Chipped and fractured teeth can also be a case of much concern. Chipped teeth will affect your look, and the best option is to get that fixed immediately. When you visit us with such a case, we process your booking, and in a matter of minutes, you are receiving treatment care from our emergency dentist.

We can get you back on shape over your lunch break and get you back to work a reformed and better-looking self. It is important to treat even simple cases of teeth fractures as emergencies and get them treated by a qualified dentist. This is because such can lead to infections which cause more harm to the affected persons.

Painful Toothaches

Toothaches can be a terrible experience causing you discomfort throughout the day. That is why we treat such as emergencies too. Do you have a toothache that is affecting your daily activities? Smile Dzine is your best solution.

When you visit our emergency dentist West Hollywood, you are immediately booked in for a procedure, and in a matter of minutes, your pain will have been dealt with. You will be administered with pain relievers for the pain as well as other procedures to treat the tooth condition and stop the pains.

Emergency Tooth Extractions

We also do teeth extractions in a single day. This applies for both wisdom teeth extraction and the extraction of a damaged tooth. These procedures are achieved in a single session and depending on the patient’s desires; they can also get a replacement right away. This means that you walk out of our practice pain-free and all smiles.

Crowns and Filling Replacement

As stated earlier, we do crown replacements. You can walk into our practice with one or a few missing teeth and leave showing off a full set. Regardless of your dental concern, visit Smile Dzine and get your emergency treatment today.