Different uses of dental fillings in dental treatment

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Different uses of dental fillings in dental treatment

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Dental fillings are a common dental procedure performed in most dental cases. Actually, dental fillings can be done in place of other dental treatments in general dentistry.

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Dental fillings are used in various different dental settings. Most of the time, they are used alongside other dental treatments to seal the tooth completely.

In root canal

A root canal involves removing bacteria from the pulp of the tooth that has collected.  During root canal treatment, the oral surgeon usually makes a hole on the gum to access the pulp chamber of the tooth. After removing all of the bacteria and abscess, the surgeon then seals the hole with dental fillings. The dental filling is designed to prevent any materials from entering the tooth pulp and cause pain and discomfort.

Covering cavities

Dental fillings West Hollywood can be used in general tooth treatment. Cavities usually erode the tooth enamel forming holes and ridges on the top and sides of the tooth. These cavities cause the tooth to be sensitive and can cause constant pain. During cavity treatment, the dentist usually removes the bacteria from the tooth and can use ozone dentistry to make the tooth clean and pure. After the tooth is cleaned of all the bacteria and cavity, the dentist applies dental filling on the tooth to make the tooth functional again. This ensures that the tooth is no longer affected by cavities and is protected from any harm or damage.

For cracked teeth

Cracked teeth can sometimes interfere with how your smile looks. Dental fillings West Hollywood are usually used to restore the functionality of cracked teeth. A cracked tooth can be caused by injury to the face or chewing hard items and objects. During treatment, the dentist mixes up a paste of the dental filling. He then applies the dental filling on the cracked part of the tooth. Depending on the extent of the crack, the dentist applies the dental paste on the tooth until it covers the tooth fully. This makes the tooth stronger and better functioning than before.

Maintenance of dental fillings

Despite the resilience of dental fillings to breaking and cracking, it is important to prevent the dental fillings from excess pressure. Dental fillings are made of composite paste and may not be strong enough to sustain immense pressure. Staining is also common if proper dental hygiene is not maintained. Brushing and flossing regularly is a must when you have dental fillings. This will help reduce cases of tooth infection and make your teeth healthy and strong.