Dental implants are the ideal replacement of fallen teeth

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Dental implants are the ideal replacement of fallen teeth

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Dental implants are the ideal replacement of fallen teeth. They are usually metal appliances that are surgically implanted to the jawbone. They act as prosthetic roots, taking the place of the natural roots, thus providing the support required by replacement teeth.

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Are Dental Implants right for you?

We do not recommend dental implants for all patients. When you visit us seeking an implant procedure, you will first undergo an examination from our dental practitioner before you are booked for a procedure.

Your past medical history will be taken to ensure that the procedure would be fit for you and would not cause you more problems. For one, patients with conditions such as gingivitis would not be recommended for a procedure as the bleeding would be an issue during the operation.

Patients of chronic ailments such as diabetes would not be fit to undergo the dental implants West Hollywood operation. Instead of implants, our dentists would recommend alternative treatment methods such as bridges or dentures.

It is also during the initial oral examination that our dentist will establish if you have enough bone matter in the jawbone to handle the dental implants. In case the bone matter is insufficient, you would first have to undergo a bone grafting procedure, which our dentists are experienced in.


How dental surgery is performed depends on the type of implant and the condition of the jaw bone. Several processes may be involved in the dental implants procedure. The initial procedure will be the extraction of the existing tooth if it is still present. With the technology and equipment we use at our facility, it is possible to extract your tooth, fix the dental implants, and place temporary crowns onto the implants.

Since the procedure is rather invasive, you will have to be put under anesthesia, either general or local, to ensure you do not experience any pain during the procedure.

By surgical procedure on the jawbone, the metal implants are placed into position, and as healing occurs, the implants will eventually bond with the jawbone.

The process requires that the jawbone heals tightly around the implant for firm teeth. For the bone to heal completely, it may take a few months. Smile Dzine helps our patients get back their impressive smile.


Dental implants are, by far the most effective treatment method for lost teeth. As such, the procedure is popular for many patients, and over the years, our dentists have gained experience in the treatment. The positive testimonials we have been receiving from our patients are proof of the quality of service that we deliver.

If you are in need of a lasting solution for your lost teeth, you should contact us today. Our caring staff is always ready to listen to your dental concerns, and you are certain to leave our establishment a satisfied individual with a brand new smile to flush in the pub