Common gum conditions treated by a gum doctor

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Common gum conditions treated by a gum doctor

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Gum infections are one of the most common dental conditions with most dental patients. Gum infection can either be caused by personal lifestyle habits or other factors that may not be so easy to stop. In most cases, these gum infections, if untreated, can lead to other dangerous dental health conditions that may need immediate treatment.

If you feel that you have a gum infection or illness, it is always best to plan an immediate visit to a gum doctor West Hollywood. A gum doctor is also known as a periodontist can deal with any issues of the gum that affect your dental health. You can contact Smile Dzine dental clinic to get a proficient periodontist for your dental issue.


Treating receded gums

Receded gums occur when the gum tissue at the base of the teeth begins to reduce causing the tooth to be exposed due to thinning of the gum layer. Such a case can cause tooth sensitivity which may begin affecting your teeth quite negatively. Receded gums can either be caused by a gum infection or by aggressive brushing. Most people do not know how to brush properly thus causing their gum to become injured and sometimes it may also affect the tooth enamel. A gum doctor west Hollywood can provide dental treatment for gum recession in just a single day and get you back to regular activities in no time.


Gum graft surgery

A gum doctor west Hollywood is usually well trained in various dental procedures in order to provide various dental services to the dental patient. While most general dentists can’t perform dental surgery, a gum doctor has the training and qualification to do so in dental treatment. A gum graft surgery involves removing a piece of gum from the inner mouth tissues and placing it on an area with receded gums. This procedure is usually not lengthy, but the dentist will use sedative medication to reduce pain and discomfort during treatment. Visit Smile Dzine dental clinic today and get fast and easy gum graft services.


Treating a gummy smile

A gummy smile is usually common in children and adolescents. It normally occurs when a large part of the gum is visible as you smile. This dental condition can be caused by a variety of factors including a protruding jaw. Depending on the cause of the gummy smile, the gum doctor west Hollywood will provide the necessary dental treatment for that issue. In some cases, the dentist may use laser technology to level out the gum and provide an even distribution of gum.


Gum infections

Treating gum infections is quite simple and straightforward. However, for the infection to cease permanently, the dental patient will have to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent spreading. In this procedure, the dentist simply locates the source of the infection and cuts it open. The dentist can either use ozonated water to remove the bacteria or simply clean it out with a dental solution. Once done, the area is stitched up and left to heal.