Common applications of laser dentistry

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Common applications of laser dentistry

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Laser dentistry is becoming more as well as more popular with recent days. With increased efficiency of dental equipment, there are better ways of performing laser treatments that are more efficient and faster. Laser dentistry West Hollywood employs the use of strong light radiation to remove dental bacteria or cut out some tissues. When the laser is set on the tissue cells, it acts by either reshaping or removing the tissue. The narrow laser light allows for more effective treatment as compared to other forms of dental treatment. At Smile Dzine, you can get high-quality laser treatment for any of your dental issues. Laser dentistry is approved by the US. Food and Drug Administration are making it safe and healthy for use.

Laser treatment is used in a variety of dental treatments. Below are some of the main common services offered in laser dentistry.

Treating tooth sensitivity

Laser dentistry West Hollywood can be used in reducing the sensitivity of teeth. Sensitive teeth usually occur when the nerves located inside the root of the tooth become too close to the tooth enamel making them detect extremely hot and cold substances. Most of the time, sensitive teeth are painful and uncomfortable. Laser treatment treats tooth sensitivity by sealing the tubules found inside the root of the tooth. By sealing these tubules, the nerves are not able to detect temperature outside of the tooth making them pain-free.

Treating gummy smiles

A gummy smile can be referred to as a kind of smile where the gum at the base of the teeth is exposed more than normal. This makes your smile look like you have excess gum. Normally, you can get treatment for a gummy smile through oral surgery. Laser dentistry can also be used to remove and reshape the gum underneath the teeth making it more even and aligned. This is normally done in cosmetic dentistry. Laser dentistry West Hollywood can be used to treat gummy smiles for both adults and children.

Lengthening tooth crown

Lengthening the crown is a common cosmetic procedure performed in cosmetic dentistry. In this procedure, the oral surgeon removes some bit of the gum at the base of the tooth to make the tooth look longer and better. Laser technology is usually used to reduce the amount of gum on the teeth and shape it better. After removing the right amount of gum, the dentist shapes the gum evenly in order to give it a natural look and effect.

Treating tumors

Oral tumors and cysts can be very fatal in some cases. If untreated, these tumors can persist and affect other parts of the mouth. Oral surgery is usually recommended for treating tumors and similar illnesses. However, laser treatment can also be used since it eases the process of cutting out mouth tissue. Regardless of the position of the tumor, the laser can be used to eliminate the infected tissues and make your health good again. Visit Smile Dzine today and get the best type of laser dentistry in the city.