Are you in need of a cosmetic dentist experience from a qualified dental practice?

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Are you in need of a cosmetic dentist experience from a qualified dental practice?

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Cosmetic Dentist West Hollywood

Smile Dzine has the solution just for you. You do not have to live in the misery of the appearance of your teeth. Teeth, being among the first part that people see when you speak to them greatly affects your self-esteem and general feel of worth. Discolored and chipped teeth can, therefore, cause you to be overly self-conscious, and it may even affect the way you present yourself in public.

However, with the many medical advancements, we have in our time, such dental conditions can easily be rectified, presenting you most appealingly. Our dentists are highly experienced in cosmetic dental procedures, and there is absolutely no dental condition that they can’t treat.

Teeth Whitening

With the lifestyles we live, it is close to impossible to maintain perfectly white teeth that would be appealing in public. Discoloring of teeth is a common occurrence, largely contributed to by the foods and drinks we have daily. However, with the equipment and technology, we have at our clinic, it is now possible to remove these stubborn stains from the teeth and restore the natural white color of teeth.

We offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening remedies for our patients. We have bleaches and whiteners that you could purchase from us and use them at home to achieve the desired effect. We also a new and more advanced whitening option that involves the use of laser treatment in the teeth whitening procedures.


Veneers are simple appliances that are placed on the front surface of teeth to solve several faults ranging from stained enamels to chipped crowns. The veneers are manufactured at our establishment once the dentist examines your teeth condition. Since they are white in color, they perfectly blend with the natural color of teeth, and it becomes impossible for anyone to tell when you are wearing them. You can thus comfortably walk out of our clinic after a veneers procedure smiling confidently to the world.


Our cosmetic dentist, West Hollywood treatment, also has options for patients with misaligned teeth. Misalignments occur when, for whatever reason, some teeth fail to grow in line with the rest of the teeth resulting in a not-so-appealing look as well as affecting functionality.

Once you visit our establishment with a similar condition, our dentist may recommend the use of dental braces to realign your teeth to the desired position gradually. After our dentist has examined your teeth and established the nature of your condition, they will have the braces prepared for you and also install them on your teeth.


No matter what cosmetic dental concern you may be having with your teeth, Smile Dzine is a wonderful solution for you. Book an appointment with us today and be sure to have your teeth restored to their best appearance.