Applications of dental extractions

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Applications of dental extractions

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Sometimes, dental treatment may cost more than the health benefit it offers. You may spend a lot of money on dental treatment only to find that it needs more medical attention and more money. For instances like dental tooth decay which has become very extensive, a root canal may not be the most suitable options. Sometimes, the bacteria does not disappear completely causing the root to be affected again. Dental extractions West Hollywood can be applied in eliminating a dental issue completely. What makes this procedure so convenient is that it does not leave any pathogens that may affect the tooth later on. At Smile Dzine, you can get quality tooth extraction procedures for both adults and children. Dental extraction is done in favor of a variety of reasons. Below are some reasons why dental extraction is usually recommended in most dental cases.

For extremely decayed teeth

Tooth decay can sometimes make the tooth impaired. This means that the tooth will be causing more harm than good in your mouth. Normally, root canal therapy is usually performed for decay that has extended into the root of the tooth. However, if the tooth decay is not properly cleaned from the tooth pulp, it may reappear causing more damage to the tooth. Dental extraction West Hollywood, on the other hand, clear the problem completely. If a tooth has decayed, it is usually removed to prevent it from affecting other teeth.

Wisdom tooth decay

Wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth to grow. They usually grow at the back of the dental structure next to the molars. Wisdom teeth with even slight tooth decay may be very difficult to treat. Owing to the location of the wisdom teeth, treating tooth decay may be unsuccessful or poorly done. In that case, Smile Dzine dentists recommend getting wisdom teeth removed if they have any decay or infections. Dental extraction will help reduce cases of decay spreading and also make the area pathogen free.

Broken teeth

Broken teeth usually affect our general smile. Most people choose to get broken teeth fixed to improve their smile quality. Broken teeth can either be filled using composite paste or removed to allow for replacement. Bonding the tooth with composite paste can make the tooth look different and out of place especially if the dental cement loses its polished shade. This is whySmile Dzineoffers dental extraction services for broken or chipped teeth.

Before tooth replacement

Most cosmetic tooth replacement methods necessitate tooth removal before the procedure. It is always smart to know whether the dentist will have to remove your teeth during treatment or not. Dental implants, dental bridges, and dental crowns are all available forms of tooth replacement that you can get at Smile Dzine. Visit them today and get the best deals on dental treatment.

For aching teeth

If a tooth is causing you constant pain, it may be best if it is removed. Some dental issues can cost you a lot of money for treatment. Dental extractions West Hollywood is an affordable way of dealing with dental issues permanently.