All you would like to know about all on four implants

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All you would like to know about all on four implants

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Tooth replacement is one of the most common dental procedures in most dental clinics. Currently, there are a large number of tooth replacement options from dental bridges to dental crowns. However, the best tooth replacement remains to be dental implants. Dental implants are very convenient for tooth replacement due to the durability of the outer shell as well as the permanence of the implant.

With proper care, a dental implant can last more than ten years. All on four implants are a new form of dental implants that replace a whole set of teeth. You can get the best implant surgery for all on four West Hollywood implants at Smile Dzine. They have a lot of dental specialists who can cater to any of your dental issues.

Type of all on four implants

At Smile Dzine, there are a variety of implant types and designs. The most common type of all on four West Hollywood implants are porcelain implants. They are very realistic and have a whiter shade than most dental crowns.

Regarding cost, porcelain all on four West Hollywood are more expensive than acrylic implants. The other type of all on four implants that is commonly used is acrylic or composite implants. These are less resistant to stains and breaking as compared to porcelain implants. Acrylic implants cost less than porcelain implants but are also efficient in tooth replacement.

What to expect during treatment

Most people are opposed to all on four implants because of the surgical procedures entailed. However, the procedure is done under sedative medication meaning you won’t feel any pain during the treatment. Before getting treatment, you will have to go for a consultation session for the dentist to design a treatment plan that suits your exact dental issue.

When you come in for all on fourWestHollywood implant surgery at Smile Dzine, the dentist first induces some local anesthesia to eliminate pain. The dentist then removes any teeth that need removing before placing the implants. The dentist then places the dental implants in different areas of the gum. The implant is placed in the jaw bone where it is left to heal for about 6 months. Until then, the dentist can fit temporary dentures to help in chewing.

Recovery after treatment

After the first day of treatment, bleeding should stop completely. Dentists from Smile Dzinerecommend leaving the site of surgery to heal without disturbance. This means rinsing and touching are not allowed as it can cause bleeding. Smoking may also extend healing time since it hurts the gums.

As you avoid roughing up the tender spots of your mouth, you should also maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing with a soft brush is recommended if medicated mouthwash is not available. Bacteria inside the mouth can affect the healing gum causing gum and tooth infections that may need additional treatment. A lot of rest is needed for the implants to heal correctly and faster. Depending on your behaviors during this recovery time, healing can take between 3 and 8 months.